Sunday, December 17, 2017

My Christmas Submission to the Jingle Jetsam

     I was able to scrounge up over an hour of generic Christmas jingles from my collection of Pepper / Pepper-Tanner / Tanner / Media General records for radio stations. I sent this to the Jingle Jetsam blog, which Scott was super enough to put in his latest post!

     I also sent in the txt file with the list of jingles and what records they come from. Thanks very much to Scott for putting these on!
     I noticed I forgot to put in a jingle I had listed. Here a link to this track.

"Winter Sale" from Tanner Total Sound Library 3305
Download (150 KB) 

Please also take a look at my "Christmas Stuff" blog, with a lot of Christmas-related stuff.


Sunday, November 12, 2017

Happy 30th Anniversary of "Diabetus" to Me

I am in transition of going from my present turntable to a 2-turntable setup, so I'll be putting music on here again when that gets complete. So I don't have a song on this post.

What I'd like to mention now is that the night of November 6 is the 30th anniversary of me being diagnosed with diabetes.

In the month leading up to this, I started wanting to drink something a lot. Eventually, I was really uneasy when the need hit me. If there wasn't pop around, I'd drink water from a sink. If there wasn't a cup handy, I'd pour water in my hands and drink it. It was like a drug addiction to me.

Then, when I got up in the morning of Friday, November 6, 1987, I started feeling this sharp pain in a spot of my upper back. This was a sudden pain that hit me numerous times that day.

Then, I ate lunch at the Bonanza I walked to (RIP). As I walked on my way back, this pain started hitting me every time I breathed in. For the rest of the day, the only time I didn't feel this pain was when I exhaled. For some odd reason, I thought this would go away sometime. But, it didn't.

That night, when I took a drink of hot chocolate, and it went straight from my throat out my nose, that's when I was on my way to the emergency room.

To make a long story short, a doctor said I had juvenile diabetes, and I was placed in an MICU room.

I got moved to a regular hospital room on Tuesday. Now - here is where I learned that I wasn't supposed to eat those fruit baskets people kept sending me. I also learned how to give myself insulin shots.

There's more to this - like the hot-looking ultra-long-blonde-haired nurse that showed up in the hospital room at 6:30 every morning to check my blood sugar. Then there was that Teresa Ganzel-looking nurse who killed my arm trying to put an IV in my vein - and I didn't mind. And then there was Robin, my main crush nurse. She was most-likely older than my mom, but I didn't care. Yes, I did try to keep holding her hand when she tried to let go of mine. There, I said it. Wherever you are today, here's to ya. Even if she is about 70 years old now - I want her, buddies.

I better calm down now. Anyway...

On Friday afternoon - Friday, the 13th - I was released from the hospital. In the 6 1/2 days I was there, I went from 36 pants to 34.

In the time since, I went from pee and a fizzy tablet in a tube, to a drop of blood on a test strip and a digital counter to check my blood sugar. In 2008, I started using an insulin pump.

And for some reason, I recently went up from the 38's I was wearing, to 40's. That's another story.

I do not plan on being like those old wrestlers who shot themselves because of diabetes-related stuff. There's too much good going for me to wanna do that. If and whenever something comes up, there's always Jesus to fall back on.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

My First "Stairway to Stardom"-Related Record

Hi, folks! Glad to be back! I've got stuff in the way, and probably still will, but I hope to do more of these more often than this.

First of all, I'd like to tell you about a blog I found recently, which features old jingles, a lot of which are from production library records that had generic jingles.
I have quite a few Pepper / Pepper-Tanner / Tanner / Media General (names of the same company during the decades) records myself. I submitted one of them to The Jingle Jetsam, and it's the 2nd one in this post:

Now, I'm going to "intro" my latest post here.
There was a local New York city cable access show called "Stairway to Stardom" Instead of the usual things I could say, which would just repeat what everybody else says about it online, I'll just link the YouTube channel I found that has complete episodes and clips from the show.

This episode featured a religious rock group called The Mission for most of the show.

... which brings me to the subject of this post.

I recently got my own 45 of this group. This record was made in 1986, so the year given for that episode is not correct. Here are the songs.

Song for the Lost Sheep Download (3 MB)
The song on the "plug side" has more of a "pop" sound.

Made Alive Download (3 MB)
Here it is, folks - The recorded version of one of the songs they did on the show.
I hope to have more posts sometime. It might not be the fast succession as the previous ones, but soon I hope.
In the meantime - I wonder if Lucille Cataldo did a 45 of "Hairdresser"? If BJ the Messenger made a record of "Crackhead"? The questions go on and on...

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Jack & Rexella Van Impe: Before They Were Stars

     Many people are aware of evangelist Jack Van Impe's falling-out with TBN. But I'm gonna go back before that. Decades before that, in fact.

     This album, I guess, introduced a lot of folks to the talents of this preaching accordionist, and his wife who sang sometimes. She sang 2 songs on this album. No news-show set here, folks. Just happy accordion-bouncing supreme.

The Assurance March Download, 2 MB

The Old Rugged Cross Download, 2 MB
Follow Me Download, 2 MB
Rexella sings on this one.
Young People's Medley Download, 4 MB
Note the versions of "Bringing in the Sheaves" in the styles of different countries.

Jericho Road Download, 1 MB
The Holy City Download, 3 MB
Wonderful Grace of Jesus Download, 2 MB

Trieste Overture Download, 2 MB

No One Ever Cared for Me like Jesus Download, 2 MB
The other song Rexella sings on.

Mansion over the Hilltop Download, 2 MB

V - is for Victory Download, 1 MB