Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Taking a break from posting

I'm involved with other stuff that's in the way of me doing more posts for a while, so please be patient while I take care of this other stuff. It won't be too long. Thanks.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Jack & Rexella Van Impe: Before They Were Stars

     Many people are aware of evangelist Jack Van Impe's falling-out with TBN. But I'm gonna go back before that. Decades before that, in fact.

     This album, I guess, introduced a lot of folks to the talents of this preaching accordionist, and his wife who sang sometimes. She sang 2 songs on this album. No news-show set here, folks. Just happy accordion-bouncing supreme.

The Assurance March Download, 2 MB

The Old Rugged Cross Download, 2 MB
Follow Me Download, 2 MB
Rexella sings on this one.
Young People's Medley Download, 4 MB
Note the versions of "Bringing in the Sheaves" in the styles of different countries.

Jericho Road Download, 1 MB
The Holy City Download, 3 MB
Wonderful Grace of Jesus Download, 2 MB

Trieste Overture Download, 2 MB

No One Ever Cared for Me like Jesus Download, 2 MB
The other song Rexella sings on.

Mansion over the Hilltop Download, 2 MB

V - is for Victory Download, 1 MB

Monday, June 12, 2017

"Me and My Winstons" Promo Record

     I was intrigued a couple or so years ago by an old commercial I saw on YouTube:

     I wondered if there was a minute-long version with more complete lyrics to the jingle. Well, the answer came to me a few weeks ago, when I spotted this in a flea market.

     This is a one-sided 7-inch 33 RPM record for salespeople introducing this upcoming campaign. The record, hosted by commercial songstress Carole Howey, has 2 1-minute commercials with this jingle, including the complete version of the above commercial.

"Me and My Winstons" promo record Download, 2 MB

     Hope you enjoy this piece of - make that bucket of - "bright, catchy, Winstonny advertising".

Sunday, June 11, 2017

"Advanced Careeeer ----- TRAINIIIIIIIIIING"

     I know I'm posting these in somewhat quick succession, but after taking the months-long break, there are some that were just begging to be posted here, so here goes.

     This is a public-service promotional 45 for a metropolitan area's Advanced Career Training program. I'm guessing that this is a jingle that may have been edited and used in radio & TV PSA's for this ACT program. One interesting thing in this jingle aimed at mid-80's high-school teens, is the use of the 70's Chrysler-Plymouth "Comin' Through" melody at various times.

Students at Work - Take It! Make It! Download, 2 MB
This is the vocal version, which fades out.
Students at Work - Take It! Make It! (Instrumental Version) Download, 2 MB
The instrumental version keeps going until the movin' jazz ending, with no sound effect at the end.

More New Image

     After taking up time with another project I'm trying to get off the ground, I'm gonna take a break and put a few more posts in here.
     I'm finally getting around to putting up these 2 recent New Image 45 finds.

     As you can tell by comparing the catalog numbers of this 45 and the ones in my previous New Image post, this is the one just before "Say You Love Me".

The Truth Is the Reason We Exist Download, 3 MB
Another religious rocker from the group.
Let the Children Play Download, 2 MB
     And this is the one just before "Cabbage Shuttle Babies".

Make That Dream Come True Download, 1 MB
Let's see - "Make that dream come true" - and Carmine? Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems obvious this is about a gal and her obsession with Carmine from "Laverne & Shirley". This is also the only song I have come across where "Ms. New Image" ends her singing with a "yEHuhh!".
Mr. Plain and Simple Download, 2 MB
Because Mike Thomas I guess wasn't available, "Ms. New Image" sings it as "Miss Plain & Simple". Also note the rare reggae treatment the group gives this song - complete with her attempting an accent!
     The only complaint I have about these records is - TWO New Image 45's - FOUR New Image songs - and none of them have the guitar solo, dangit.