Wednesday, March 22, 2017

"We ain't got the right, to say you're not country." (or, Souvenirs of the Past)

     I picked up a 45 today at a flea market store that, after hearing it, lead me to think of other records I have which are, like this one, souvenirs of bygone times, where whatever was talked or sung about in them no longer apply today.
     So instead of just that song, which I'll post later, I'm going to put up other things which go along with the general topic of "Souvenirs of the Past".
     One I put up earlier is the song "I'm Number 1" by Pac-Man - from back when that was true.

     Now for other stuff from my collection.

Minimum Wage PSA - Roy Clark Download, 355 KB

     These next things are from generic radio jingle records made by Pepper-Tanner, later the William B. Tanner Company.

Datsun - Tanner Total Sound Library 3104 Download, 280 KB

"Color TV" - Tanner Total Sound Library 3005 Download, 721 KB
"Office Equipment" - Tanner Total Sound Library 3007 Download, 710 KB
There are quite a few of these things still in use today.

"Mod Clothing" - Tanner Total Sound Library 3013 Download, 387 KB

     Which brings me to the feature song of this post.

     When I saw this title on a 45 in the store, I got it, on the off-chance that this was maybe about Olivia Newton-John.
     Then when I got home I played it.
     Wellll, yeah, it's about her all right. In a way I didn't quite expect.
     Apparently, the Most Promising Female Vocalist award winner in country music was getting some flack from a few country fans for her recent pop success. So this song was written as an answer to that.
     Now - how Porter Wagoner's suit designer got mentioned in the conversation, I have no idea, but anyway...
     This was the flip-side to Stella Parton's 1975 country hit "I Want to Hold You in My Dreams Tonight".

"Ode to Olivia" - Stella Parton Download, 2 MB

     I think I have my pick for the 2 songs I'd love to hear a radio station play back-to-back: this, followed by "Physical".

     I'll close this post with a remnant of another thing that looks like it's on the way out. This is from another Pepper-Tanner record made for use on radio stations.

"Sign Off" - Creative Sales Service 5320 Download, 372 KB

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Tim Wilson's ORIGINAL "Garth Brooks"

     You may notice that my "Sweep-Up Operations" post is minus one song. That's because, folks, I'm glad to have another copy of this 45, which I'll now present both songs from! Look ma, no tape wrinkle at the beginning!

     Yes, folks - The original 1993 independent-label 45 of Tim Wilson's "Garth Brooks has Ruined My Life"!

"Garth Brooks Has Ruined My Life" Download, 2 MB
According to Joel Whitburn's country chart books, this version actually made #70 on the top-75 Billboard country chart, becoming Tim's first hit.

"Help Me Find Jimmy Hoffa" Download, 2 MB
I'm glad to be able to bring you the out-there song on side 2, which further displays the comic mind of the late Tim Wilson.

Friday, January 13, 2017

The CBS Radio NetAlert III Test Record

     Remember the "chirps" that sounded almost every time a CBS radio newscast, or sports event, or "The CBS Radio Mystery Theater" went to and from a commercial break?
     Those chirps were part-and-parcel of the CBS Radio NetAlert system.
     I found this neat artifact yesterday at a flea-market store.

      This is a test record made so stations could check how well their NetAlert receivers could pick up, synchronize, calibrate, etc., the "chirp" sounds from the CBS Radio Network.
     There were 15 different, but very similar-sounding, chirp tones, with different purposes. They're all heard on this album.
     The same tracks are repeated on both sides.

Band 1. 60 Hz Reference Tone Download, 695 KB
A minute of a steady low tone, to synchronize the turntable to the exact tone.
According to the wording on the back cover, "These tones are used for setting the phonograph level control and also for examining the internal functions of the receiver."
Band 2. Priming Tone (2241 Hz) Download, 244 KB
Band 3. Tone A (1845 Hz) Download, 238 KB
The Hz info is listed on the back cover. Why they didn't have the tones in the same hertz as the notes A-D, I couldn't tell ya.

Band 4. Tone B (2100 Hz) Download, 240 KB
Band 5. Tone C (2391 Hz) Download, 238 KB
Band 6. Tone D (2722 Hz) Download, 242 KB
Now we get to the chirps.
Band 7. Alignment Tone Sequence, Alerts 6 & 13 Download, 1MB
NetAlert sounds 6 and 13 are chirped back-and-forth.
The next tracks have each of the NetAlert chirps sounded 3 times, with spaces between the chirps.
Band 8. Alert 0 Download, 167 KB

Band 9. Alert 1 Download, 167 KB
Band 10. Alert 2 Download, 172 KB
Band 11. Alert 3 Download, 167 KB
Band 12. Alert 4 Download, 170 KB
Band 13. Alert 5 Download, 171 KB
From the back cover: "NOTE: Alerts 4 and 5 are self-resetting. The remainder of the alerts 6-15
are not". Okay.

Band 14. Alert 6 Download, 171 KB
Band 15. Alert 7 Download, 172 KB
Band 16. Alert 8 Download, 171 KB
Band 17. Alert 9 Download, 173 KB
Band 18. Alert 10 Download, 177 KB
Band 19. Alert 11 Download, 173 KB
Band 20. Alert 12 Download, 174 KB

Band 21. Alert 13 Download, 174 KB

Band 22. Alert 14 Download, 175 KB

Band 23. Alert 15 Download, 172 KB

Band 24. Alert Count Download, 541 KB
"Band 24 consists of a pattern of periodically incremented alerts beginning at alert 0 and advancing through alert 15 and then repeating. This sequence is repeated a total of three times ending on
alert 0."

Band 25. Suppressed Alert Count Download, 656 KB
Each chirp from 1-15 then 0 are followed by chirp 0. This is repeated 5 times.

Band 26. Repeated Alert #0 Download, 704 KB
A minute of NetAlert chirp 0 repeated over and over again.
Band 27. Repeated Alert #8 Download, 705 KB
The record ends with a similar treatment on chirp 8.

     Sadly, the CBS Radio "chirp" came to an end in 2009.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

"Ohhhh" "Where-"

     Okay - Now that I got my reposts of "The Wonderful and the Obscure" material out of the way, let's put up this 45 I got during the past week or so.
     There was a point in the late-70's when I guess somebody at MSR figured, "We can't keep numbering the sides with '-1' and '-2' at the end anymore. Why, somebody might write an angry letter about 'Why did you make my song side 2?'." Who knows - maybe somebody did.
     Whatever the reason was, instead of putting -1 and -2 at the end of the catalog numbers, they put some abbreviation of the song title after the dash. For example, 2730 had "Please", which was 2730-P, while the other side, "Sunshine Ring Around My House",was given the number
2730-SRA. "I Like Yellow Things" was 2359-ILY, "The Yo-Yo" was 2643-TYY, "Only One Great Love" was 2925-OOG, etc.
     So how can you figure out which is side 1 and side 2? A pretty easy way I found was since they're not in numerical order - of course - alphabetical order. So that's what I do. And that's what I'm gonna do here.

     MSR's songs were starting to get this sound where the singing sounded "closed-in". This is heard in its glory in the Gina Genova song "With You".
"Endless Love" - Dick Kent Download, 1MB
 Now to why I chose the title to this post. A neat technical blooper happens during the fadeout. You can hear what sounds like Dick Kent and Bobbi Blake in a tiny bit of conversation before they get cut off.
"Football" - Bobbi Blake Download, 2MB
Where we would usually hear another one of Bobbi's spoken parts, we're treated to a long instrumental break.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

My 45's of "Wonderful and the Obscure" songs

     In my 3rd and what I guess will be final post with songs that used to be in Bob Purse's "Wonderful and the Obscure" blog before the 2015 "DivShare problem", here are 3 45's of mine that Bob Purse also has copies of, and put on his blog as well.
     I'll include links to the "Wonderful and the Obscure" posts that had the songs, so you can read Bob Purse's comments.

When I decided to rebuild my strange-music collection in 2013, one of the first things I got was this record I found on E-Bay, with songs I recognized from this post. I thought It would be great to have my own copy of a 45 in "The Wonderful and the Obscure"!  Now, with the songs from that 45 itself gone from there, I'd like to present these songs from my copy.
"High Brow Baby" - Norm Burns Download, 2MB
"Melancholy Me" - Norm Burns Download, 2MB
When this 45 appeared in "The Wonderful and the Obscure", I already had my copy - and now I'll share it with you.
"Practice Your Rhythm - Bobbi Blake Download, 1MB
MSR wasn't really one of those song-poem outfits (like Halmark or Royal Master) to use the same background track every few songs, but there have been 2 pairs of MSR songs I noticed that did use the same background track. This song and "Our Big Apple Christmas" being one of them. If you want to hear this track play out over 1 1/2 minutes longer, with a cheesy synthesizer playing along, hear that song on the "A Song-Poem Christmas" post of my "Christmas Stuff" blog.
"One Woman's Sufficient for Me" - Dick Kent Download, 2MB
Not long after I started rebuilding my strange music collection, I came across 2 45's in the same booth at a flea market: the Sammy Marshall "The Next Tear that Falls" / "Tears and Champaigne" 45, which Bob has on this post - and this one.
"My Guy" - Kris Arden Download, 2MB
"Just a Few" - Sammy Marshall Download, 2MB
"Makes My Heart Start Flopping Around" - The Mystery Girl Download, 2MB
Are The Mystery Girl and Kris Arden one and the same? You decide.
"I Love 'Em So" - Ronnie May Download, 1MB
     Again, thanks to Bob Purse of "The Wonderful and the Obscure", and keep up the good work!

Friday, December 30, 2016

My 2015-and-Earlier "Wonderful and the Obscure" Downloads

     Another great strange-music blog is Bob Purse's "The Wonderful and the Obscure". It has interesting music you can hear and download.
     In 2015, all mp3's uploaded up until then were taken away due to a problem DivShare had. You can read more detail about that on the main "Wonderful and the Obscure" page.
     In the few years before those files got lost, I downloaded various songs that caught my ear. I didn't download every mp3 there ever was on the blog - in fact, percentage-wise, very few. But what I have, I'm putting on this post.
     Bob Purse gave me his blessings to put them on my blog, so, what I have of them is here. I'll put a link to the corresponding "Wonderful and the Obscure" post that had the mp3, so you can read Bob's original comments about the songs.
     If and when any of these songs get put back up on "The Wonderful and the Obscure", I'll remove them from this post.

     I started reuploading "Wonderful and the Obscure" mp3's a couple of posts ago, in this tribute to the "garage-poem" band New Image, with the 2 mp3's I have that I downloaded when they were there.

     And now, here's the rest of what I got from "The Wonderful and the Obscure" in 2015 and earlier, with links to the "Wonderful and the Obscure" blog posts.
The last sentence of my comment had to do with a line in one of the other songs (I think the "Chicago" one) about "smelling the sights".
"Gas" - Halmark Records Download, 2MB
"Our World in Song": Oct. 21, 2010
"Paychecks and Abortions - Both are Real" - Steve Jennings Download, 4MB
"Walking While She's Talking in Her Sleep" - Steve Jennings Download, 4MB
"You Know" - Steve Jennings Download, 3MB
"Stunning!": Dec. 31, 2010
Don't Shout, Just Get Out" - The Melodiers Download, 5MB
"You May Say He's a Dreamer: Feb. 26, 2011
"Let Me Live Again" - Gene Marshall Download, 3MB
"A Columbine EP": May 21, 2011
"Listen to Me" - Marie Bain Download, 3MB
 "In Elvis' Memory": Aug. 14, 2011
Dang, I wish I still had the Elvis song. I think the last words were something like, they aughta put a mausoleum, in the Memphis Coliseum.
"We Got the Blues" - The Real Pros Download, 4MB

"Society's Clever Games, With Gene Marshall": Nov. 28, 2011
"Society Plays a Clever Game on the Black Man" Download, 3MB
"Willy Nilly": Apr. 16, 2012
"Willy Nilly over Billy" - Cathy Mills Download, 2MB
This one has yet another one of my entertaining flop-on-my-behind blog comments.
(Come to think of it, she does kinda sound like pre-disco Bobbi Blake, I don't care what anybody says, dangit.)
"A Missing Link?": July 18, 2012
"Rock and Roll Star" - Bob Rogers Download, 4MB
"Red Hot Mama": Aug. 29, 2012
"Red Hot Mama" - Norm Burns Download, 4MB
"He Better Pull Out!": Feb. 28, 2013
"Pulling In and Pulling Out" - Rodd Keith Download, 2MB

"Hummin' and a Strummin'": May 19, 2013
"Hummin' and a Strummin'" - Gene Marshall Download, 4MB
Mar. 23, 2014
"Salvation Army" - Noval Records Download, 2MB
"Come Back" Download, 3MB
"A Bit of a Mystery": May 23, 2015
"The Melody of Love" - Victor and the Trophies
MY 2 CENTS: The music does sound like Rodd Keith's "last-couple-of-years" material. And the background singers sound to me quite a bit like "The Sisterhood", who appeared on 70's MSR albums.
Whatever the deal is with this thing, enjoy.

This also happens to be the last "Wonderful and the Obscure" post before the DivShare files were completely lost.
     I hope you enjoy what's here, and here's hoping the mp3's are able to get thinned-out pretty soon as the songs return to "The Wonderful and the Obscure". Until then, this post will be a repository for them.
Thanks once again to Bob Purse, and keep up your good work!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

About my new "Christmas Stuff" blog

     Almost a week ago, I started a new "Christmas Stuff" blog. "Christmas Stuff" was the name of a section of the website I used to have, and that new blog will take its place.
     Next Christmastime will be the 10th anniversary of my first "Christmas Stuff" page, which was part of my website. I discontinued the website earlier this year, and I'm now going through the motions of putting in those parts of my website as separate blogs.
     My latest "Christmas Stuff" post is called "A Song-Poem Christmas", with the complete MSR "1975 Christmas Album", and a few other song-poems.
     See the "Christmas Stuff" blog at

     I'll see you sometime after Christmas, so until then...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

New Image (or "Bob Purse Created a Monster")

     A big "Thank you!" to Bob Purse, of "The Wonderful and the Obscure" blog! He gave me his blessings to put up the 2015-and-earlier mp3's I downloaded from his blog when it had them, on this one! So these next couple of posts will have all the mp3's I have that I downloaded from "The Wonderful and the Obscure" blog before the DivShare problem happened. Mind you, it's only a miniscule amount of all that was put up, but whatever songs I have will be on the next couple of posts, along with links to the corresponding "Wonderful and the Obscure" blog posts that go along with them, so you can read Bob Purse's original comments.

     One thing I've been intrigued by in "The Wonderful and the Obscure" blog has been the song-poem band, New Image. This group of musicians at Tin Pan Alley Records cranked out songs with the 60's garage-band sound in the 80's, and possibly 90's.
     I first discovered them from reading the second post listed here.

     And "What the...", indeed. I'm very glad to still have these 2 songs that were there - and again, that Bob's letting me repost them here!

"Pride" Download, 4MB
One thing some New Image songs had was a rockin' guitar solo - that started playing during the fadeout.

"Lady Wildcat" Download, 5MB
     I was so intrigued by this group that I eventually made an effort to get some New Image 45's of my own. I wanted to have more "Pride"s. I didn't quite get those, but there are some gems in what I do have.
     In comments I made on "The Wonderful and the Obscure" posts, I made reference to "that too-late-for-Ronstadt, too-early-for-Benatar lead singer". Now it's looking like the earliest of these songs were done about a year before "Love is a Battlefield", which would make that comment - like many other comments I made on other blogs - erroneous.
     Most of the time, the lead singer on New Image songs was this unidentified woman, but others were sung by male singer Mike Thomas, who performed under this name on many Tin Pan Alley 45's.
     And now, here are all my New Image 45's, in chronological order.
Let this be a lesson: Having a "listen" link means everything to getting your record sold on E-Bay. I now have a limit to how much I'll pay for albums and 45's on E-Bay. I got this one for a price I decided I will not pay more than for a 45. Hearing what I did on the listen link, I noticed that these were some very well put-together songs - especially for New Image!
"Say You Love Me" Download, 2MB
Why, this even had a guitar solo in the middle of the song, that we get to hear all of this time!
"The Love I Need" Download, 2MB
 "Exasperation" Download, 2MB
Mike Thomas does the honors on this song. These lyrics reach near-Guygax proportions. 

"Cabbage Shuttle Babies" Download, 3MB
 According to info I got from this page, this thing dates to at least 1983.
And yes, folks - a New Image song that's over 4 1/2 minutes long!

"Belinda" Download, 2MB
I could comment on this autograph - but I wouldn't know what to say.
"Butcher Boy" Download, 2MB
Did she mention that her love for the butcher boy, we'll never know? All right, just wanted to make sure her point got across.
According to the catalog number, this was the next Tin Pan Alley 45 after "Lady Wildcat" / "Fortune Teller".
"The Bride of Christ" Download, 2MB
Now we get to the ol' "submission form" jokes. Let's see, I guess the poem-writer checked off "gospel" and "female" on the proverbial boxes - but still, I wonder if she expected what she got?
"Memories of Yesterday" Download, 2MB
The group started to modernize its sound by this time.
"You're My Cup of Tea" Download, 1MB
And yes, folks - a New Image song that's just over 1 1/2 minutes long!
"Still the Same" Download, 2MB
The closest thing to a "Pride" that I have.
Rolling Stone magazine issue 497 was the April 9, 1987 issue.

     The last Tin Pan Alley record listed in ASPMA is 1458. So from here on out, we're going beyond ASPMA's proverbial "knowledge" of the records.
"You're the One" Download, 2MB
Mike Thomas joins "Ms. New Image" in a duet! They also go back to the garage sound for this one.
"Two Loves" Download, 2MB
     It took about 5 years for the Tin Pans to go from the 1200's to the 1400's. My next Tin Pan 45 is 240 numbers higher than the previous one, and we were at least in the late-80's at that time. So I wonder - What happened? Did they skip numbers at some point, did they crank out 45's like sausages at some point - or are we really a couple or so years into the 90's now?! Whatever happened, here's my "newest" New Image 45.
"Over the Mountains" Download, 1MB
Where are you again? ... One more time! ...
"Walking Through the Garden" Download, 2MB
Mike Thomas does a Bob Dylan imitation on this one.

     Now for a New Image song from 1990 that I found on YouTube. I was going under the assumption that this was done later than the records I have, but again, it may not be. Mike Thomas does the singing here.
     New Image goes down as one of, if not the first, song-poem garage band. If I didn't discover this group on that "Wonderful and the Obscure" post, I would in all likelihood never have known about them. And for sure I wouldn't have collected 7 New Image 45's. I'm feeling kinda guilty because, who knows, do I have more New Image 45's than Bob Purse does? Dang, I hope not!
     But if I do, it's all his fault, for introducing me to this out-there group. Indeed, he created a monster, by creating another New Image fan.
     My next post will have all the rest of the 2015-and-earlier mp3's I have that I downloaded from "The Wonderful and the Obscure".
In case I don't do my next post before then...
Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year!

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hollywood Sessions HS-054


     Yesterday, I got this album in the mail, and was surprised to see that it was still sealed!
     So I thought I'd do the honor of unsealing it today, then scan the labels, then record it to my computer. I maximized the volume of each song - and here it is. My just-unsealed copy of Hollywood Sessions HS-054, in its entirety! Enjoy!

The first 13 of the 16 songs on this album were performed by the singer known to most song-poem fans as Dick Kent - here working as "Buddy Raye".
"Love Is" Download, 2MB
"Don't Know Much About 'Cha" Download, 2MB
"Why, My Darling?" Download, 2MB
"Precious Baby" Download, 2MB
"Lonely Never Changes" Download, 2MB
 Now the lyrics start to get "deep", as they would in quite a few of these songs.

"I Can't Fool My Broken Heart" Download, 2MB
"Outside Looking In" Download, 2MB
"Apple of My Eye" Download, 2MB
"Pride" Download, 2MB
 No, dangit, Dick doesn't give us his version of that New Image jam.
"He's Number One" Download, 1MB
"The Magic" Download, 2MB
"A Painted Glass Don't Make the Drink Stronger" Download, 2MB
"Stop, Look and Listen" Download, 2MB
The last 3 songs are performed by Hollywood Sessions female mainstay Michelle Wood.
"Calling Out" Download, 2MB
"This Big Wide World We Live In" Download, 2MB
11/11/16: This is my new pick for "Best Song-Poem".
"Gambling Heart" Download, 2MB