Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Sweep-Up Operations

    For this post, I'm going to do sweep-up operations with songs on records I used to have, and don't anymore. I already mentioned "the purge" of 2012, when I got rid of strange songs in an effort to "grow up". Luckily, there were recordings of those songs laying around, so I'm gonna put them on this post.

     First of all, there are 2 more web pages still up that have something I had at the time. I'm honored these guys put them on their site! Thanks very much to both of you!

     In September, 2008, an album by Steve Allen & Jayne Meadows called "Everything You Wanted to Know about Home Computers" appeared on the Waxy site. I played the album on episodes 12 & 13 of the "Music from the World of the Strange and the Bizarre" online show I had at the time. I played side 1 on episode 12 and side 2 on episode 13. The audio of both sides of the album here were taken from the shows I played them on.
     One important thing to remember is that the album was in stereo, with Steve Allen on one speaker and Jayne Meadows on the other, but my show was originally done on a laptop computer that only recorded in mono. So, you hear them both on both speakers here. Yeah, the streaming player doesn't work anymore, but you can still download it.


     Then in 2011, Phil X. Milstein put "Peter Pooter and the Mannequin", a song I played on my show from a Royal Master "Hit Songs of Tomorrow" album, on his Probe site. It's one of the mp3's in the zip file you can download in "Session 358" of this page:

     Some songs I used to have are Christmas songs I put in a multi-page Christmas "page" I used to run. I still have wav's of most of those, and I'll convert them to mp3's and put them on a Christmas blog whenever I get around to having that.

     Now for the rest of the surviving songs I don't have records of anymore. Some are taken from recordings I made on reel-to-reel tape (don't ask), and the rest are mp3 conversions of videos I put on YouTube back when.

     Let's start with a couple of other Matt Vincent songs from that Royal Master "Hit Songs of Tomorrow" album.
"Singa Songa Nonsense" Download, 1MB
Lou Splendora could arguably be called Royal Master's version of Guygax or Wilson. In addition to "Peter Pooter", he also gave us this one.

"The Hole in the Wall" Download, 2MB

     Here are some Bobbi Blake jams.
Let's start with these 3 from the MSR "Potpourri" album.
"My Sighing-Crying Heart" Download, 1MB

"Meet Father in Heaven" Download, 1MB
"Lonely Tear Drops" Download, 2MB
This one rips off the title of one old rock hit, and a few words from another old rock hit.
"Bowling Alley, Bowling Alley" Download, 2MB
"I am Lost Without You, Darling" Download, 2MB
     Now for some tracks from various Tanner production library records, which were used by radio stations as background in commercials, and other uses.
"Calliope" (sound effect) Download, 695KB

"Drive Fifty-Five" Download, 344KB
"Market Report" Download, 353KB
News Intro Download, 381KB
Electronic news theme Download, 331KB
Turkey Giveaway Download, 241KB

     Here are both sides of a 45 RPM test pressing with yellow United Record Pressing labels. I bought this in an antique store where I live. There was no group name or titles on the labels, but I remember the catalog number written on the labels had a "TWR" prefix, which around my area appeared on 45's from independent label Transworld Records in Bristol, Va. in the 70's & 80's - leading to my speculation that this test pressing was most-likely for a Transworld 45.
Side 1 Download, 2MB

Side 2 Download, 3MB

"The Wild Hog Hop" (1981 version) - Bennie Hess Download, 1MB
Bennie made a newer version of his 50's classic.

"Where's the Beef" - Coyote McCloud Download, 2MB
The original indie-label version, before Wendy's put out the version with the real Clara Peller. Here, Coyote did Clara imitations.
"Runaway" - Estela Ripalda Download, 2MB
This was part of a 4-song EP that I think was part of a fundraiser for disaster relief in Ecuador. It had "Runaway" and other versions in Spanish of US-originated rock hits of the time, performed by different artists.
"Take a Bath" - Hap Palmer Download, 1MB
"There'll Be No Black Lung (Up in Heaven)" - Joe Freeman Download, 1MB
I'm a Christian, so I don't put gospel songs on this blog to demean Christianity. It's just that there are some songs, even gospel songs, that are off-kilter, so it's here.
"Believe" - Ken Bower Download, 3MB
There are square dance 45's being made where a caller sings a song - sometimes a recent hit - and adds square-dance instruction to the lyrics. Here's one of them.

"D.D.T. and the Boll Weevil" - Lyn Earlington Download, 2MB
Message from a furniture salesman to a loan company Download, 2MB
This message, recorded at 33RPM, left a lot of space on the acetate record it was cut on.
Mystery record: "For Mothers Only" Download, 2MB
There's no indication of what this was supposed to be for.
"Happy Birthday, America" - Pat "Cannonball" Marshall Download, 2MB
"Right Don't Always Win" - The True Tones Download, 3MB
As you might be able to tell, in addition to "oddball" records, I'm also partial to stuff on independent labels. This was the only version of this song I knew existed for years until a few days ago, when I learned that this was recorded on a "big label" earlier by someone else. Thus making this an "indie" version. So here.
"Take Me Back" - The Violinnotes Download, 3MB
I'd love to have another copy of this, so I can experience the cacophony on the other side, "You've Been Good to Me", once again.

     I hope you enjoyed these. I know it's a lot of songs, but I thought I aughta leave as few stones unturned as possible in putting up songs I used to have before the "2012 purge". The rest will be in a Christmas blog sometime.
     In the meantime, I'm gonna see if you can get any of those old tape-club program casettes on E-Bay. (My comment-writing on other blogs stanks, don't it?)

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