Monday, October 24, 2016

"Easy Listening WTFM", 1985

     About a couple of months ago, I bought some formerly-blank audio cassettes at an estate sale, and I just recently played them to see what was on them. One of them had a recording of radio station WTFM when it was an easy-listening station.
     The Kingsport, Tennessee company that runs WKPT-TV and AM also has what used to be WKPT-FM. When I heard it in the 70's & 80's, it was easy-listening. In 1982, the call letters were shortened to WTFM.
     This tape was recorded in either late-September or early-October, 1985 - about 4 months before it changed to an adult-contemporary format that played current A-C hits, as well as oldies.

Easy Listening WTFM, 1985 Download, 30MB
     Today, WTFM plays current adult-contemporary hits with occasional 70's and 80's.

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  1. Sammy, that is a nice aircheck. The music reminds me of what WEZK (now WJXB) played during their beautiful music days.

    I love this aircheck and have downloaded it. I even shared it on my new website called Tennessee Radio in the 1980s at Be sure you check it out. Thanks and have a good day.