Saturday, October 8, 2016

My First Bobbi Blake Flea-market Find!

     About an hour and a half ago from when I'm posting this, I got myself about 30 45's at a flea market. Among the 80's pop cheese and independent-label country I picked out was this one, which I was surprised to see. It's the first Bobbi Blake record I ever got at a flea market! So, I wanted to get this on here as soon as I could.
     It's a Command Performance 45, under the name The Tune-Timers.
"Forever Yours" - The Tune-Timers Download (2MB)
This one actually don't have the "bad song-poem ending" syndrome! Well, they cut it off instead of fading it down fast at the very end, but other than that... This song has what so many MSR tunes had - the split-second of background room noise before the start.
"Women's Liberation" - The Tune-Timers Download (2MB)
Dangit, this one don't have the split-second of room noise before the song. Oh well...
This one might not have had the "bad song-poem ending" syndrome - if they just waited until "ruination" before cutting it off. Also of note, while Bobbi sings "You just wait and see", the background vocals are singing "Just you wait and see".

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  1. Sammy, good to see you back online. More Bobbi is ALWAYS welcome. Best wishes from South Texas...