Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hollywood Sessions HS-054


     Yesterday, I got this album in the mail, and was surprised to see that it was still sealed!
     So I thought I'd do the honor of unsealing it today, then scan the labels, then record it to my computer. I maximized the volume of each song - and here it is. My just-unsealed copy of Hollywood Sessions HS-054, in its entirety! Enjoy!

The first 13 of the 16 songs on this album were performed by the singer known to most song-poem fans as Dick Kent - here working as "Buddy Raye".
"Love Is" Download, 2MB
"Don't Know Much About 'Cha" Download, 2MB
"Why, My Darling?" Download, 2MB
"Precious Baby" Download, 2MB
"Lonely Never Changes" Download, 2MB
 Now the lyrics start to get "deep", as they would in quite a few of these songs.

"I Can't Fool My Broken Heart" Download, 2MB
"Outside Looking In" Download, 2MB
"Apple of My Eye" Download, 2MB
"Pride" Download, 2MB
 No, dangit, Dick doesn't give us his version of that New Image jam.
"He's Number One" Download, 1MB
"The Magic" Download, 2MB
"A Painted Glass Don't Make the Drink Stronger" Download, 2MB
"Stop, Look and Listen" Download, 2MB
The last 3 songs are performed by Hollywood Sessions female mainstay Michelle Wood.
"Calling Out" Download, 2MB
"This Big Wide World We Live In" Download, 2MB
11/11/16: This is my new pick for "Best Song-Poem".
"Gambling Heart" Download, 2MB

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