Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Some of the Backbones of My Strange Music Collection

     I was going to present the story of the beginnings of what lead to my involvement in strange records, but after several paragraphs I found that I was almost at a full page and still didn't get to the feature records of this post yet. So, I'll have to start right now with my first conscious effort to get strange records.
     In September or October, 1986, I went through the albums that Hill's Department Store had in their discount record bin. Many of them were less than a dollar - including a few kiddie records I noticed. The 4 albums I bought during this time which became the backbone of my strange record collection that went up-and-down over the next few decades, were:
  • "Rock 'n' Roll Disco with Fat Albert and the Junkyard Band" A record made in 1980 during the "Brown Hornet" era of the show, so these songs weren't done on the show. I recognized the names of the writers of these songs, Dean Andre' and Jeff Michael, as names of people who wrote music for Filmation shows.
  • "The Pac-Man Album" A picture-disc which survives to this day.
  • Rosita Fresita - "Toca tus Nariz, Toca tus Piez" The spanish version of the Strawberry Shortcake exercise album "Touch Your Nose, Touch Your Toes". This one must've gotten on the truck by mistake. The Strawberry Shortcake here was more high-pitched than on the english one, which I picked up at a thrift store in the 90's. Today they are both "used-to-haves".
  • "Atari Yars' Revenge" One of the series of albums Kid Stuff Records put out based on different Atari games.
     Let's start with the 2 surviving albums I have from those "first four".

"The Pac-Man Album"
     Kid Stuff Records' first record related to the Pac-Man franchise.
"The Pac-Man Theme", "Pac-Man's Magic Land" Download (3MB)
"I'm Number 1" Download (2MB)
"The Gang of Ghosts Quartet" Download (2MB)
     And now, the start of side 2.
"Turning Blue" Download (2MB)

"He's Too Busy for Me" Download (2MB)
"If It's a Game" Download (3MB)
"The Pac-Man Finale" Download (1MB)
"The Pac-Man Theme" without the announcer talking over the ending.
"Atari Yars' Revenge"
     Ohhh, yeah. Those good ol' markings I used to put on the labels to show approximately how many minutes long the songs were, for when I did my pretend radio shows. Whenever I came across an album with no time listed for the songs, I timed each song with one of those watches of the time that had a stopwatch mode. If the song was, say, 3 minutes and 30 seconds or less, I put it down as "3", and if it was more then 30 seconds, I rounded it up to the next minute. I see I also put an amount of the total time of each side on the labels, for when I played the entire album - which I did sometimes if there was a story involved in the record.
"Atari Theme" Download (2MB)

Story, Pt. 1 Download (6MB)
"Yars' Revenge" Download (2MB)
Ohhh, yeah. That good ol' 1980-model Casio toy keyboard. You hear this quite a bit in the songs on Kid Stuff "Atari" albums.

"Fly, Yar Warriors!" Download (2MB)
The comma and exclamation mark were part of the title as listed on the back cover.
Story, Pt. 2 Download (9MB)
     And now I'll put up a couple of other kiddie albums I've had for some time.
  • "Atari Asteroids" I picked this up at Big Lots in 1989.
  • Strawberry Shortcake - "Let's Dance" I can't remember exactly when and where I got this. It could've been at Hill's sometime after I got the aforementioned albums, or at a thrift store in the 90's.
"Atari Asteroids"
     All Kid Stuff "Atari" albums began with the same "Atari Theme", so I'm not repeating it here.
Story, Pt. 1 Download (5MB)
"Asteroids" Download (2MB)
"Time Warp" Download (2MB)
Story, Pt. 2 Download (7MB)
Strawberry Shortcake - "Let's Dance"
"Let's Dance" Download (1MB)
"The Strawberry Twist" Download (2MB)
"One, Two, Cha-Cha-Cha" Download (2MB)
This is one of the few times in the album where they let Strawberry Shortcake's archnemesis, the Purple Pieman, be a nice guy for a change!
"The Berry Silly Hat Dance" Download (1MB)
"Strawberry Square Dance Tonite" Download (2MB)
"The Limbo Dance" Download (2MB)
 Can you spell "ripoff of Chubby Checker's 'Limbo Rock'", boys and girls?

"Do the Strawberry Stomp" Download (2MB)
"The Strawberry Waltz" Download (2MB)

"Huckleberry's Polka" Download (1MB)

"I Was Born to Disco" Download (3MB)
The Purple Pieman works solo on the finale song of the album.

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