Friday, December 30, 2016

My 2015-and-Earlier "Wonderful and the Obscure" Downloads

     Another great strange-music blog is Bob Purse's "The Wonderful and the Obscure". It has interesting music you can hear and download.
     In 2015, all mp3's uploaded up until then were taken away due to a problem DivShare had. You can read more detail about that on the main "Wonderful and the Obscure" page.
     In the few years before those files got lost, I downloaded various songs that caught my ear. I didn't download every mp3 there ever was on the blog - in fact, percentage-wise, very few. But what I have, I'm putting on this post.
     Bob Purse gave me his blessings to put them on my blog, so, what I have of them is here. I'll put a link to the corresponding "Wonderful and the Obscure" post that had the mp3, so you can read Bob's original comments about the songs.
     If and when any of these songs get put back up on "The Wonderful and the Obscure", I'll remove them from this post.

     I started reuploading "Wonderful and the Obscure" mp3's a couple of posts ago, in this tribute to the "garage-poem" band New Image, with the 2 mp3's I have that I downloaded when they were there.

     And now, here's the rest of what I got from "The Wonderful and the Obscure" in 2015 and earlier, with links to the "Wonderful and the Obscure" blog posts.
The last sentence of my comment had to do with a line in one of the other songs (I think the "Chicago" one) about "smelling the sights".
"Gas" - Halmark Records Download, 2MB
"Our World in Song": Oct. 21, 2010
"Paychecks and Abortions - Both are Real" - Steve Jennings Download, 4MB
"Walking While She's Talking in Her Sleep" - Steve Jennings Download, 4MB
"You Know" - Steve Jennings Download, 3MB
"Stunning!": Dec. 31, 2010
Don't Shout, Just Get Out" - The Melodiers Download, 5MB
"You May Say He's a Dreamer: Feb. 26, 2011
"Let Me Live Again" - Gene Marshall Download, 3MB
"A Columbine EP": May 21, 2011
"Listen to Me" - Marie Bain Download, 3MB
 "In Elvis' Memory": Aug. 14, 2011
Dang, I wish I still had the Elvis song. I think the last words were something like, they aughta put a mausoleum, in the Memphis Coliseum.
"We Got the Blues" - The Real Pros Download, 4MB

"Society's Clever Games, With Gene Marshall": Nov. 28, 2011
"Society Plays a Clever Game on the Black Man" Download, 3MB
"Willy Nilly": Apr. 16, 2012
"Willy Nilly over Billy" - Cathy Mills Download, 2MB
This one has yet another one of my entertaining flop-on-my-behind blog comments.
(Come to think of it, she does kinda sound like pre-disco Bobbi Blake, I don't care what anybody says, dangit.)
"A Missing Link?": July 18, 2012
"Rock and Roll Star" - Bob Rogers Download, 4MB
"Red Hot Mama": Aug. 29, 2012
"Red Hot Mama" - Norm Burns Download, 4MB
"He Better Pull Out!": Feb. 28, 2013
"Pulling In and Pulling Out" - Rodd Keith Download, 2MB

"Hummin' and a Strummin'": May 19, 2013
"Hummin' and a Strummin'" - Gene Marshall Download, 4MB
Mar. 23, 2014
"Salvation Army" - Noval Records Download, 2MB
"Come Back" Download, 3MB
"A Bit of a Mystery": May 23, 2015
"The Melody of Love" - Victor and the Trophies
MY 2 CENTS: The music does sound like Rodd Keith's "last-couple-of-years" material. And the background singers sound to me quite a bit like "The Sisterhood", who appeared on 70's MSR albums.
Whatever the deal is with this thing, enjoy.

This also happens to be the last "Wonderful and the Obscure" post before the DivShare files were completely lost.
     I hope you enjoy what's here, and here's hoping the mp3's are able to get thinned-out pretty soon as the songs return to "The Wonderful and the Obscure". Until then, this post will be a repository for them.
Thanks once again to Bob Purse, and keep up your good work!

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  1. Sammy, before the ASPMA website lost all its MP3 files I had downloaded every one of them. If I can be of any help in providing any lost tracks you may not have let me know. Pete