Thursday, December 15, 2016

New Image (or "Bob Purse Created a Monster")

     A big "Thank you!" to Bob Purse, of "The Wonderful and the Obscure" blog! He gave me his blessings to put up the 2015-and-earlier mp3's I downloaded from his blog when it had them, on this one! So these next couple of posts will have all the mp3's I have that I downloaded from "The Wonderful and the Obscure" blog before the DivShare problem happened. Mind you, it's only a miniscule amount of all that was put up, but whatever songs I have will be on the next couple of posts, along with links to the corresponding "Wonderful and the Obscure" blog posts that go along with them, so you can read Bob Purse's original comments.

     One thing I've been intrigued by in "The Wonderful and the Obscure" blog has been the song-poem band, New Image. This group of musicians at Tin Pan Alley Records cranked out songs with the 60's garage-band sound in the 80's, and possibly 90's.
     I first discovered them from reading the second post listed here.

     And "What the...", indeed. I'm very glad to still have these 2 songs that were there - and again, that Bob's letting me repost them here!

"Pride" Download, 4MB
One thing some New Image songs had was a rockin' guitar solo - that started playing during the fadeout.

"Lady Wildcat" Download, 5MB
     I was so intrigued by this group that I eventually made an effort to get some New Image 45's of my own. I wanted to have more "Pride"s. I didn't quite get those, but there are some gems in what I do have.
     In comments I made on "The Wonderful and the Obscure" posts, I made reference to "that too-late-for-Ronstadt, too-early-for-Benatar lead singer". Now it's looking like the earliest of these songs were done about a year before "Love is a Battlefield", which would make that comment - like many other comments I made on other blogs - erroneous.
     Most of the time, the lead singer on New Image songs was this unidentified woman, but others were sung by male singer Mike Thomas, who performed under this name on many Tin Pan Alley 45's.
     And now, here are all my New Image 45's, in chronological order.
Let this be a lesson: Having a "listen" link means everything to getting your record sold on E-Bay. I now have a limit to how much I'll pay for albums and 45's on E-Bay. I got this one for a price I decided I will not pay more than for a 45. Hearing what I did on the listen link, I noticed that these were some very well put-together songs - especially for New Image!
"Say You Love Me" Download, 2MB
Why, this even had a guitar solo in the middle of the song, that we get to hear all of this time!
"The Love I Need" Download, 2MB
 "Exasperation" Download, 2MB
Mike Thomas does the honors on this song. These lyrics reach near-Guygax proportions. 

"Cabbage Shuttle Babies" Download, 3MB
 According to info I got from this page, this thing dates to at least 1983.
And yes, folks - a New Image song that's over 4 1/2 minutes long!

"Belinda" Download, 2MB
I could comment on this autograph - but I wouldn't know what to say.
"Butcher Boy" Download, 2MB
Did she mention that her love for the butcher boy, we'll never know? All right, just wanted to make sure her point got across.
According to the catalog number, this was the next Tin Pan Alley 45 after "Lady Wildcat" / "Fortune Teller".
"The Bride of Christ" Download, 2MB
Now we get to the ol' "submission form" jokes. Let's see, I guess the poem-writer checked off "gospel" and "female" on the proverbial boxes - but still, I wonder if she expected what she got?
"Memories of Yesterday" Download, 2MB
The group started to modernize its sound by this time.
"You're My Cup of Tea" Download, 1MB
And yes, folks - a New Image song that's just over 1 1/2 minutes long!
"Still the Same" Download, 2MB
The closest thing to a "Pride" that I have.
Rolling Stone magazine issue 497 was the April 9, 1987 issue.

     The last Tin Pan Alley record listed in ASPMA is 1458. So from here on out, we're going beyond ASPMA's proverbial "knowledge" of the records.
"You're the One" Download, 2MB
Mike Thomas joins "Ms. New Image" in a duet! They also go back to the garage sound for this one.
"Two Loves" Download, 2MB
     It took about 5 years for the Tin Pans to go from the 1200's to the 1400's. My next Tin Pan 45 is 240 numbers higher than the previous one, and we were at least in the late-80's at that time. So I wonder - What happened? Did they skip numbers at some point, did they crank out 45's like sausages at some point - or are we really a couple or so years into the 90's now?! Whatever happened, here's my "newest" New Image 45.
"Over the Mountains" Download, 1MB
Where are you again? ... One more time! ...
"Walking Through the Garden" Download, 2MB
Mike Thomas does a Bob Dylan imitation on this one.

     Now for a New Image song from 1990 that I found on YouTube. I was going under the assumption that this was done later than the records I have, but again, it may not be. Mike Thomas does the singing here.
     New Image goes down as one of, if not the first, song-poem garage band. If I didn't discover this group on that "Wonderful and the Obscure" post, I would in all likelihood never have known about them. And for sure I wouldn't have collected 7 New Image 45's. I'm feeling kinda guilty because, who knows, do I have more New Image 45's than Bob Purse does? Dang, I hope not!
     But if I do, it's all his fault, for introducing me to this out-there group. Indeed, he created a monster, by creating another New Image fan.
     My next post will have all the rest of the 2015-and-earlier mp3's I have that I downloaded from "The Wonderful and the Obscure".
In case I don't do my next post before then...
Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year!


  1. Thanks for posting these! I was looking for bands that sounded like The Melodiers playing "Barbra" on Song Poem Archive 6, and I think they might the same band as New Image.(

    1. I believe that's Mike Thomas singing on that Melodiers song.