Sunday, January 1, 2017

My 45's of "Wonderful and the Obscure" songs

     In my 3rd and what I guess will be final post with songs that used to be in Bob Purse's "Wonderful and the Obscure" blog before the 2015 "DivShare problem", here are 3 45's of mine that Bob Purse also has copies of, and put on his blog as well.
     I'll include links to the "Wonderful and the Obscure" posts that had the songs, so you can read Bob Purse's comments.

When I decided to rebuild my strange-music collection in 2013, one of the first things I got was this record I found on E-Bay, with songs I recognized from this post. I thought It would be great to have my own copy of a 45 in "The Wonderful and the Obscure"!  Now, with the songs from that 45 itself gone from there, I'd like to present these songs from my copy.
"High Brow Baby" - Norm Burns Download, 2MB
"Melancholy Me" - Norm Burns Download, 2MB
When this 45 appeared in "The Wonderful and the Obscure", I already had my copy - and now I'll share it with you.
"Practice Your Rhythm - Bobbi Blake Download, 1MB
MSR wasn't really one of those song-poem outfits (like Halmark or Royal Master) to use the same background track every few songs, but there have been 2 pairs of MSR songs I noticed that did use the same background track. This song and "Our Big Apple Christmas" being one of them. If you want to hear this track play out over 1 1/2 minutes longer, with a cheesy synthesizer playing along, hear that song on the "A Song-Poem Christmas" post of my "Christmas Stuff" blog.
"One Woman's Sufficient for Me" - Dick Kent Download, 2MB
Not long after I started rebuilding my strange music collection, I came across 2 45's in the same booth at a flea market: the Sammy Marshall "The Next Tear that Falls" / "Tears and Champaigne" 45, which Bob has on this post - and this one.
"My Guy" - Kris Arden Download, 2MB
"Just a Few" - Sammy Marshall Download, 2MB
"Makes My Heart Start Flopping Around" - The Mystery Girl Download, 2MB
Are The Mystery Girl and Kris Arden one and the same? You decide.
"I Love 'Em So" - Ronnie May Download, 1MB
     Again, thanks to Bob Purse of "The Wonderful and the Obscure", and keep up the good work!

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