Tuesday, January 10, 2017

"Ohhhh" "Where-"

     Okay - Now that I got my reposts of "The Wonderful and the Obscure" material out of the way, let's put up this 45 I got during the past week or so.
     There was a point in the late-70's when I guess somebody at MSR figured, "We can't keep numbering the sides with '-1' and '-2' at the end anymore. Why, somebody might write an angry letter about 'Why did you make my song side 2?'." Who knows - maybe somebody did.
     Whatever the reason was, instead of putting -1 and -2 at the end of the catalog numbers, they put some abbreviation of the song title after the dash. For example, 2730 had "Please", which was 2730-P, while the other side, "Sunshine Ring Around My House",was given the number
2730-SRA. "I Like Yellow Things" was 2359-ILY, "The Yo-Yo" was 2643-TYY, "Only One Great Love" was 2925-OOG, etc.
     So how can you figure out which is side 1 and side 2? A pretty easy way I found was since they're not in numerical order - of course - alphabetical order. So that's what I do. And that's what I'm gonna do here.

     MSR's songs were starting to get this sound where the singing sounded "closed-in". This is heard in its glory in the Gina Genova song "With You".
"Endless Love" - Dick Kent Download, 1MB
 Now to why I chose the title to this post. A neat technical blooper happens during the fadeout. You can hear what sounds like Dick Kent and Bobbi Blake in a tiny bit of conversation before they get cut off.
"Football" - Bobbi Blake Download, 2MB
Where we would usually hear another one of Bobbi's spoken parts, we're treated to a long instrumental break.

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