Saturday, January 28, 2017

Tim Wilson's ORIGINAL "Garth Brooks"

     You may notice that my "Sweep-Up Operations" post is minus one song. That's because, folks, I'm glad to have another copy of this 45, which I'll now present both songs from! Look ma, no tape wrinkle at the beginning!

     Yes, folks - The original 1993 independent-label 45 of Tim Wilson's "Garth Brooks has Ruined My Life"!

"Garth Brooks Has Ruined My Life" Download, 2 MB
According to Joel Whitburn's country chart books, this version actually made #70 on the top-75 Billboard country chart, becoming Tim's first hit.

"Help Me Find Jimmy Hoffa" Download, 2 MB
I'm glad to be able to bring you the out-there song on side 2, which further displays the comic mind of the late Tim Wilson.

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