Wednesday, March 22, 2017

"We ain't got the right, to say you're not country." (or, Souvenirs of the Past)

     I picked up a 45 today at a flea market store that, after hearing it, lead me to think of other records I have which are, like this one, souvenirs of bygone times, where whatever was talked or sung about in them no longer apply today.
     So instead of just that song, which I'll post later, I'm going to put up other things which go along with the general topic of "Souvenirs of the Past".
     One I put up earlier is the song "I'm Number 1" by Pac-Man - from back when that was true.

     Now for other stuff from my collection.

Minimum Wage PSA - Roy Clark Download, 355 KB

     These next things are from generic radio jingle records made by Pepper-Tanner, later the William B. Tanner Company.

Datsun - Tanner Total Sound Library 3104 Download, 280 KB

"Color TV" - Tanner Total Sound Library 3005 Download, 721 KB
"Office Equipment" - Tanner Total Sound Library 3007 Download, 710 KB
There are quite a few of these things still in use today.

"Mod Clothing" - Tanner Total Sound Library 3013 Download, 387 KB

     Which brings me to the feature song of this post.

     When I saw this title on a 45 in the store, I got it, on the off-chance that this was maybe about Olivia Newton-John.
     Then when I got home I played it.
     Wellll, yeah, it's about her all right. In a way I didn't quite expect.
     Apparently, the Most Promising Female Vocalist award winner in country music was getting some flack from a few country fans for her recent pop success. So this song was written as an answer to that.
     Now - how Porter Wagoner's suit designer got mentioned in the conversation, I have no idea, but anyway...
     This was the flip-side to Stella Parton's 1975 country hit "I Want to Hold You in My Dreams Tonight".

"Ode to Olivia" - Stella Parton Download, 2 MB

     I think I have my pick for the 2 songs I'd love to hear a radio station play back-to-back: this, followed by "Physical".

     I'll close this post with a remnant of another thing that looks like it's on the way out. This is from another Pepper-Tanner record made for use on radio stations.

"Sign Off" - Creative Sales Service 5320 Download, 372 KB

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