Sunday, June 11, 2017

"Advanced Careeeer ----- TRAINIIIIIIIIIING"

     I know I'm posting these in somewhat quick succession, but after taking the months-long break, there are some that were just begging to be posted here, so here goes.

     This is a public-service promotional 45 for a metropolitan area's Advanced Career Training program. I'm guessing that this is a jingle that may have been edited and used in radio & TV PSA's for this ACT program. One interesting thing in this jingle aimed at mid-80's high-school teens, is the use of the 70's Chrysler-Plymouth "Comin' Through" melody at various times.

Students at Work - Take It! Make It! Download, 2 MB
This is the vocal version, which fades out.
Students at Work - Take It! Make It! (Instrumental Version) Download, 2 MB
The instrumental version keeps going until the movin' jazz ending, with no sound effect at the end.

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